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What We Do

Aaron Meals exists so that 100% of every dollar given is used to provide food, clothing, blankets, shoes and other necessary items to those in need.  Our mission is to identify food trucks and independent meal preparation entities, purchase meals from them, and provide those meals to groups and organizations that distribute them by visiting the needy where they are.  We want to support local food providers and be part of showing all who are living with very little hope that they are loved and that they matter.


We also purchase clothing and warm bedding material as economically as we can.  The organizations or groups delivering the food and clothing items are free to decide how much and what items are needed at any given time.  We exist to make sure they always have what they need to serve those with need.


Our food preparation partners offer opportunities for customers to “pay it forward” and buy a meal for someone else as they wait for their order. We are also committed to convert 100% of your donation into food or clothing for someone that is in need.



Aaron was a light in this world who burned brightly and far too briefly.  He was also a talented chef and owned a food truck and meal prep business.  He cooked to make people smile and his heart was that everything he had be used to help someone in need.  His family remembers him by ensuring that 100% of any donation goes directly to those in need. 

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