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Beyond Meal Delivery: Helping our Neighbors

Aaron Meals volunteers help coordinate with Franklin County to provide new homes for recipients.

The Franklin County Block Grant allows for replacement of homes for qualified residents that were damaged in storms or fires. Three families who we provide meals to qualified for the program and Aaron Meals volunteers have helped clean up yards, help handle paperwork, provide places for residents to live as homes were demolished and replaced and acted as a liaison between the contractor and the residents.

Mr. Evans is overcome as he sees his new home for the first time.

Grants made this possible, and the administration by Franklin County staff is where the real work happens. Our volunteers helped coordinate between the residents, whom we've grown close to through the meal deliveries and relationships that have developed, and the county officials, home manufacturer and the delivery and set up teams.

Our neighbors have lived in unspeakable conditions for 2 years or more. Seeing the emotions overcome them as they see their new homes is overwhelming. They've lived in campers with no bathroom, in cramped and dirty conditions often with no hope of anything ever changing. To literally receive a brand new home that is nicer than anything they dreamed of is a miracle in itself.

One of the new homes being set up on the site of the camper that was there before.

People helping people really makes a difference. The recipient of the home above just told me how it feels like things are different and better all over the community. The excitement and new found confidence is clear if you are around him for just a few minutes. Delivering meals doesn't do all this, but it does open the door to the relationships and connections that are driving positive outcomes.

Mr. Evans' new home from the outside.

Your help and donations make this possible. Thank you.

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