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Carrabelle, FL Team Underway!

Updated: Feb 18

During the summer of 2023 we got a call from BeLinda Wharton in Carrabelle. She wanted to make Aaron Meals the benefit charity for a big event she was planning in conjunction with St. James Bay Golf and Pickleball resort. We couldn't say yes fast enough!

We ended up making over $24,000 from this event and it was a huge success! BeLinda then turned her energy toward getting a delivery team in place for Carrabelle. In partnership with A Taste of Korea and Danyell, we saw that group zoom from a first week of about 40 meals delivered to well over 150 a week now!

As you can see, the team is fun loving, hardworking and making a difference in Carrabelle! Stop by Taste of Korea and donate or just say hi!

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1 Comment

So what happened to Taste of Korea closing and where are we supposed to prepare the meals now

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