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Servant Spotlight - Kim Council Owner - Mangia 850

When I moved from Nashville, TN, to St. George Island, FL, in March of 2019, I loaded up The SGI Food Truck and headed out with every intent of working on the beach, enjoying island life, and living the YOLO way. Boy, was I wrong. Quickly, my truck became popular, which led to me becoming so much more active in the Franklin County Community. Although I knew very little about the area, I felt a strong urge, what I now recognize was a calling, to use my Food Truck and my talents to feed those in need, whatever the reason. 

Fast forward, I met and became friends with George & Connie Wilkerson, and shared my desire to use my Food Truck business to help feed our community. George tells me all about their mission with Aaron Meals, which leads to us collaborating, and partnering with Forgotten Coast Community Church, instead of reinventing the wheel. Pulling together a group of a few volunteers and cooking from home in February of 2021, our first delivery was 25 meals. We kind of drove around looking for people to feed. 

Two and a half years later, the volunteer group has grown to 12-14, and we meet every Monday at my restaurant, Mangia, to prepare and package 165-185 meals. Teams are now delivering to families in over 50 homes. Not only are we feeding people who welcome a good, home-cooked meal once a week, but we take the time to find out what other needs they might have. It’s amazing how a meal, cooked and delivered from a place of love and compassion, can transform lives. Not only of those we feed, but also the lives of those of us called to this mission. 

We are excited about the growth potential in our county, and know the need is strong. This fall we expanded into Carrabelle, where Taste of Korea and that team already feeds over 100 meals each week. We hope to expand into Apalachicola next. In cooperation with Forgotten Coast Community Church, we are working towards solutions to the housing issues here, as well as providing much needed resources in our community. More than anything else, we hope to become self-sufficient through generous contributions and upcoming fundraising opportunities. 

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My husband and I would like to donate our time at the food pantry.

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