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Aaron was a light in this world who burned brightly and far too briefly.  He was also a talented chef and owned a food truck and meal prep business.  He cooked to make people smile and his heart was that everything he had be used to help someone in need.  His family remembers him by ensuring that 100% of any donation goes directly to those in need. 




At the heart of the origin story is Aaron. Aaron Wilkerson was a talented chef and food truck owner with a passion for helping those in need. He lived to cook because he loved seeing people's faces light up with a smile when they tasted his delicious creations. He loved to put his talent to work for those in need because he knew that for those who have very little, a warm meal didn’t just fill their belly but fed their soul. Sadly, Aaron left us before his time. His final wish was that his food truck and all his cooking equipment be put to use in a way that would make someone’s life better and continue to make a difference. 


Led by Aaron's parents George and Connie, family and friends came together after Aaron’s passing to find a way to honor his passion for helping those in need. The result was Aaron Meals, a compassionate non-profit committed to feeding the hungry and homeless in both Central Arkansas and Franklin County Florida. What made Aaron Meals different from other charities for the hungry and homeless was a desire by George, Connie, and the rest of the Aaron Meals team to meet those in need where they were, usually in homeless camps. This became especially important when George and Connie discovered how the existing system of homeless shelters made the homeless vulnerable to those that would exploit and traffic them. The founders of Aaron Meals also wanted to avoid the overhead existing within modern charitable organizations, so it made a commitment to put 100% of all donations to work feeding and clothing the hungry and homeless. 


For Aaron Meals, it’s not just about feeding those in need, it's about making sure that they know that they matter. Aaron Meals doesn’t settle for feeding the hungry with food that simply gets them by. We want the meals we provide to put a smile on their faces the same way Aaron’s food left smiles on the faces of his customers. We source our meals from local food trucks, restaurants, and caterers, as a way to build support and involvement within the food and restaurant industry and to ensure that the meals we provide are something we ourselves would be delighted to eat. 


Will you help us honor Aaron by honoring those struggling with hunger and homelessness? 


If possible, please consider making a reoccurring monthly donation. They're easy to set up via our website and they help us increase the number of weekly meals we provide by letting us forecast our funding sources.

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