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Have a birthday coming up? Consider including Aaron Meals in your social media celebrations! Below you'll find instructions on how you can make raising funds to feed the homeless part of your birthday.  By adding our donate button to your birthday message, you can help us buy meals and clothing for the homeless in Central Arkansas and Franklin County, Florida. 100% of all funds raised on your behalf go directly to those in need.

Create your Own Aaron Meals Birthday Fundraiser 

When you start a nonprofit fundraiser on Facebook, 100% of the funds you raise go to the nonprofit. And you can rest assured that 100% of those donations you raise go directly to feeding and clothing the homeless. To get started, use the direction from Facebook below: 

  1. On your computer, log in to Facebook

  2. Go to your news feeds as you normally would to post. Then click on the 3 dots and select “Raise Money. 

    • Type “Aaron Meals” into the search bar 

  3. Click on Aaron Meals

  4. Create a message to your Facebook friend explaining that you’re raising money for Aaron Meals this year for your birthday. You can then add additional detail like, 

    • What Aaron Meals does (feed and cloth the homeless in Central, Arkansas and Franklin County, Florida) 

    • Include a goal for how much you want to raise

  5. If you want to include a picture in your post, feel free to go to Aaron Meals' Facebook page at and download one from our photo library. 

  6. Click Create and you’re all done! 

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